You will walk away from this workshop being able to do all of these things by yourself.

  • 01. Understand the basics of reactive programming in JavaScript

    You'll shift your approach from procedural to functional using streams of data and events with RxJS.

  • 02. Understand an Observable

    At the heart of the RxJS library is the primitive Observable class. You'll learn what an Observable is, how to subscribe to an Observable, and how you can use the `pipe()` method for transforming notifications from an Observable.

  • 03. Manage Subscriptions

    A Subscription is created when an Observable is subscribed to. You'll learn the importance of unsubscribing, and how you can manage a collection of subscriptions.

  • 04. The world of operators

    You'll start to use operators and know how to use both pipeable and creation operators.

  • 05. Creating Observables

    You'll know the 4 most common creation operators that can be used to create a new Observable.

  • 06. Transformation operators

    You'll know the 5 most common transformational operators, include the higher-order mapping operators. Most importantly, you'll have the knowledge to understand how the operators work and when to use which operator.

  • 07. Filtering Operators

    You'll know the 8 most common filtering operators. Each filtering operator has a unique behavior that enables you to filter the stream of notifications from an Observable.

  • 08. Joining operators

    Joining more than one Observable together is a common practice for separate streams of data in an application. You'll know the 4 most common join operators and how to use them.

  • 09. A few utility operators

    You'll also have a few utility operators at your disposal for those instances when you want to perform a side effect or ensure an Observable emits a next notification within a set period of time.

Day One

  1. Introduction
    1. Reactive programming paradigm
    2. Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
  2. Observables
    1. The Observable class
    2. Subscribing to an Observable
    3. The pipe() method
    4. Using toPromise()
  3. Subscriptions
    1. The Subscription class
    2. Unsubscribing from a Subscription
    3. Adding child subscriptions
  4. Operators
    1. Pipeable vs Creation operators
    2. Using Operators
  5. Creation Operators
    1. The of() operator
    2. The interval() operator
    3. The from() operator
    4. The defer() operator
  6. Transformation Operators
    1. The map() operator
    2. The mergeMap() operator
    3. The concatMap() operator
    4. The switchMap() operator
    5. The exhaustMap() operator
  7. Filtering Operators
    1. The filter() operator
    2. The first() operator
    3. The take() operator
    4. The takeWhile() and takeUntil() operators
    5. The debounce() and debounceTime() operators
    6. The distinctUntilChanged() operator
  8. Joining Operators
    1. The startWith() operator
    2. The withLatestFrom() operator
    3. The combineLatest() operator
    4. The forkJoin() operator
  9. Utility Operators
    1. The tap() operator
    2. The timeout() operator


Attendees should be familiar with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript

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