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Knowing how to build web apps and cloud services that are performant and delight users is daunting. It would be best if you had technical leadership and engineering assistance to help identify solutions to product problems and develop applications that are scalable.

LiveLoveApp offers engineering and consulting services for organizations who are looking to accelerate their software development performance.

Our Services
Teaching workshops

Building apps that are performant, reliable, and high quality requires supplying your team with the necessary education. You want to bring in industry experts to skill up your team and help them close their knowledge gaps.

LiveLoveApp has trained thousands of software engineers on tools and technologies for the modern web. We offer workshops in-person, online, or hybrid with straightforward pricing and no hidden costs.

Software Architecture design
Architecture Design

Web apps and cloud system with poor performance and bad reliability result in low code development velocity. Your users expect delightful experiences that evolve to meet their needs. You want to identify bottlenecks and design a plan to improve your web application or cloud system.

LiveLoveApp has provided architecture reviews for organizations no matter the size - from startups to large enterprises. We analyze your current application and system architecture to provide a clear path forward.

Architecture Reviews
Meet the Founders

Brian Love and Mike Ryan are the founders of LiveLoveApp and have a combined 30 years experience in product & technology leadership inside of Fortune 500 companies, government, and hungry startups.

Their passion for technology has led them to create open source software with millions of downloads, speak at conferences around the world, and craft apps that delight users.

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