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Angular Fundamentals Workshop

An accelerated course designed to get you up-and-running with Angular.

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You will walk away from this workshop being able to do all of these things by yourself.

  • 01. Start writing TypeScript

    Angular requires understanding the essentials of TypeScript. You'll understand that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, the primitive types in TypeScript, interfaces, classes and more.

  • 02. Build components

    Components are at the heart of modern web development frameworks, and Angular is no exception. You'll know how to create a component, start writing templates for components, and how to bind data between components.

  • 03. Style components

    Angular provides several mechanisms for styling your components. You'll be able to quickly write CSS/SCSS to style components, understand how view encapsulation works, and how you can dynamically style elements in your template using classes and styles.

  • 04. Know the lifecycle of a component

    You'll know the basic lifecycle of a component. You'll know that setting things up, tearing this down, and reacting to changes in bound values to the component all happen through implement lifecycle hooks in the component.

  • 05. Transform data efficiently using Pipes

    Angular ships with a set of powerful pipes that you'll know how to use to transform data and subscribe to Observables in your templates.

  • 06. Forms, forms, forms

    Forms are a necessity for applications that require user input. You'll understand how Angular equips you to build forms, store data, and react to user input using both template-drive and reactive forms.

  • 07. The power of the CLI

    One of the benefits of Angular is the command-line interface. You'll know how to use the CLI to quickly scaffold out modules, components, directives, pipes, and more.

  • 08. Fetch Data

    Fetching data from a remote resource is easy in Angular thanks to the `HttpClient`. You'll know how to fetch data and subscribe to the Observable in your application to render data from a backend resource.

  • 09. Route between pages

    Most apps require routing, or going from one page to another. Angular ships with a powerful built-in router. You'll know how to configure routes and use the router for navigating within your Angular application.

  • 10. Inject dependencies with ease

    Dependency injection, it sounds kinda scary, but is extremely powerful and easy to get started with. You'll understand the basic mechanics of dependency injection in Angular and how you can provide services to your components with ease.


Transparent and simple pricing to skill up your team.


Angular is a robust, highly performant, scalable, and batteries-included framework for building mobile, desktop, and web applications. In this hands-on training you will learn from Google Developers Expert in Angular and Web Technologies Brian Love as he teaches you the fundamentals of Angular.

You can expect to learn project structure and architecture, the basics of TypeScript, RxJS, directives, components, templating, services, pipes, forms and routing. At the end of this intense 2-day training you will be able to effectively build applications using Angular following best practices.


  1. TypeScript Essentials
  2. Project Structure
  3. Component Metadata
  4. Template Strings
  5. Component Tree and Property Binding
  6. Structural Directives
  7. HTMLElement Property Binding
  8. Event Binding
  9. Style Binding
  10. Class Binding
  11. View Encapsulation
  12. Custom Event Binding
  13. Component Lifecycle Hooks
  14. Built-in Pipes
  15. Template Driven Forms
  16. Reactive Forms
  17. Command-line Interface (CLI)
  18. Routing
  19. Services and Dependency Injection
  20. Using the HttpClient
  21. Staying Up-to-date


Attendees should be familiar with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

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