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Advanced Angular Workshop

A deep dive into building efficient and scalable applications following best practices using Angular.

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You will walk away from this workshop being able to do all of these things by yourself.

  • 01. Architect Angular applications for scale

    Building scalable applications requires the correct architecture. Whether you are building applications at scale today, or you expect to scale your application, you'll have the skills necessary to be an application architect.

  • 02. Build reactive applications using RxJS

    RxJS is one of a few dependencies that Angular relies on for asynchronous tasks that use Observables. Leveraging RxJS will enable you to build highly reactive applications with Angular.

  • 03. Manage state transitions

    Managing state transitions in reusable components enables you to develop efficient components that have the single responsibility of the view layer. You'll learn to use NgRx's Component Store for localized state containers with Angular.

  • 04. Debug Angular applications

    Debugging an Angular application is critical to your success. You'll understand the best tools and mechanics for debugging Angular applications.

  • 05. Guarding routes

    Not everyone should be able to do everything in your app. You'll learn how to use route guards to secure your application.

  • 06. Preloading strategies

    Code splitting enables you to minimize the bundle sizes that are sent the client and to improve the performance of your Angular application. You'll learn how to use code splitting along with preloading strategies to increase the delight of your users.

  • 07. Effective code sharing

    Libraries enable you to split your code into highly reusable modules. You'll learn how to use the Angular workspace and CLI to create libraries that can be reused across Angular applications.


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Day One

  1. Interface and class patterns
  2. Consuming and combining data
  3. Architecture planning
  4. Component design techniques
  5. Subjects and RxJS operators
  6. Services for state management
  7. NgRx for state management
  8. Debugging techniques
  9. Component communication
  10. Route Guards
  11. Preload strategies
  12. Leveraging shared libraries
  13. HTTP data and interceptors


Attendees should be familiar with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • HTTP
  • HTML
  • Basics of RxJS

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