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Advanced AG Grid Workshop

Take your knowledge of using AG Grid to the next level.

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AG Grid is the best JavaScript grid in the world.

AG Grid is highly performant, feature-rich, and tightly integrated with the Angular framework. In this advanced usage of AG Grid workshop you'll learn how to leverage NgRx with the delta row model for effective data mutation, how to extend the styling of AG Grid, and how to build custom Angular components for rendering, filtering, and editing data. You will walk away from this half-day workshop equipped with the knowledge to integrate AG Grid with NgRx's store, and how to extend AG Grid for your application's unique requirements.


  1. NgRx + AG Grid for immutable data
  • Advantages of immutable data
  • Requirements for implementing immutable data
  • Implementing immutable data with NgRx
  1. Styling AG Grid
  • Cell Styling
  • Row Styling
  • Theming
  1. Custom Angular Components in AG Grid
  • Registering components
  • Component interfaces
  • Cell renderer component
  • Floating filter component
  • Header component
  • Editor component


The goals of the Getting Started with AG Grid course are:

  1. Learn the advantages and requirements for implementing immutable data structures in AG Grid.
  2. Implement immutable data using NgRx with AG Grid.
  3. Style AG Grid's cells and rows.
  4. Theming AG Grid.
  5. Registering custom Angular component for use in AG Grid.
  6. Create custom cell renderer, floating filter, header, and editor components in AG Grid.


Students should be familiar with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Basics of Angular.
  • Basics of AG Grid.

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