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LiveLoveApp's engineers are experts with React, React Router, and more. We have helped organizations of all sizes and industries accelerate their React software development velocity.

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React Architecture

Let's build a solid foundation for your React application using best practices.

Modern web applications built using React are scalable, easy to maintain, and a joy for developers to build and maintain.

High-performing development teams use modern React best practices:

  • Composable functional components
  • Custom hooks for encapsulating logic
  • Render props for component customization and data
  • Context where necessary for globally available state and extensibility

Is your React development team using composable functional components? Are you using custom hooks to encapsulate logic? Are your components re-rendering unnecessarily?

Most React applications are built using a combination of functional components and class components. Functional components are easier to test, easier to maintain, and easier to reason about. They are also easier to compose and reuse.

LiveLoveApp provides organizations with React architecture consulting to help you build a solid foundation for your React application. We can help you identify and build the right architecture for your project.

Reduce Technical Debt

Let's reduce technical debt in your React application.

Reduce technical debt in your React application through preventative efforts, refactoring and modernizing your codebase.

Let's face it - all software has technical debt. Technical debt is the cost of maintaining and extending existing code. It is the cost of adding new features and fixing bugs. It is the cost of changing requirements and the cost of changing technologies. The question is not whether you have technical debt, but how to reduce, manage, and prevent technical debt.

Does your React application have technical debt? And if you say "no", are you sure?

Preventative efforts are the best way to avoid and reduce technical debt. These efforts include code reviews, refactoring complex code, creating proper documentation, reducing build times, automated testing, and continuous integration and deployment. We work with teams to identify opportunities to reduce technical debt through preventative actions.

Development Velocity

Let's increase deployment frequency and decrease the lead time for changes in your React application.

Development velocity is measured by deployment frequency, lead time for changes, time to restore service, and mean time to failure.

In today's market environment, it is critical to achieve market success, minimize costs, and increase developer velocity.

High-performing software development organizations use continuous delivery (CD) to deliver code to end users as fast as possible. Increasing deployment frequency and decreasing the lead time for changes are key to increasing development velocity. Further, the time to restore service and mean time to failure are key metrics that slow the software development velocity of an organization.

Does your React development team use continuous delivery? Are you deploying code to end users as fast as possible? Are you continuously improving your software development velocity?

LiveLoveApp has helped organizations of all sizes and industries increase their software development velocity. We can help you identify opportunities to increase your software development velocity.


Let's prevent regressions and ship code with confidence through automated testing.

Automated testing is necessary for building high quality React applications.

Automated testing of your React application is critical to preventing regressions and shipping code with confidence. Automated testing is critical to reducing the time to restore service and mean time to failure.

Does your React application have automated testing? Are you shipping code with confidence?

LiveLoveApp's engineers are experts in automated testing. In fact, we are Cypress Ambassadors and have been recognized by Cypress for our contributions to the Cypress community. We can help you identify opportunities to improve your automated testing strategy.

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