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NgRx is the leading reactive architecture for Angular apps. Get started with NgRx via expert-led NgRx training, architecture, and integration.

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Mike Ryan
NgRx Support from the NgRx Core Team

Mike Ryan is a Principal Architect at LiveLoveApp and one of the original co-creators of NgRx. He wrote the initial implementations for @ngrx/effects, @ngrx/store-devtools, and @ngrx/entity. Since creating NgRx, Mike has helped small startups and large enterprises (including Google!) successfully implement reactive Angular applications using NgRx.

Watch Mike's talks on NgRx:

  1. You Might Not Need NgRx
  2. Good Action Hygiene with NgRx
  3. Rethinking Reactivity: NgRx Component with Ivy

Hire the NgRx Core Team
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You Have Questions

Your organization and team have decided to use NgRx for state management. You are using the global store for your application's state management, perhaps you're using component store for local component state.

But, is your architecture correct? Are you using good action hygiene? Are you writing performant selectors? What about testing?

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Here is how we can help

LiveLoveApp has helped solve the challenges of using NgRx for state management in Angular applications that require the best performance, the ability to scale, and the solid architecture that improves the testability and long-term maintenance of robust enterprise applications.

We're here to help!

  • Schedule an introductory 30-minute meeting with LiveLoveApp to understand your application and your current architecture.
  • We start with an architecture review of your current NgRx implementation.
  • We work alongside you and your team to implement strategies to solve outstanding problems, reduce technical debt, improve testing, and best practices for state management with NgRx.

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How to convince your boss

We're glad you asked! Here are the top 5 reasons you should tell your boss that you need to talk to LiveLoveApp:

  1. Tell your boss how you want to take the lead in ensuring the long-term success of the team & organization.
  2. Tell your boss that we'll provide them with a clear plan for success.
  3. Tell your boss that we are the experts. The co-founder of LiveLoveApp, Mike Ryan, is also the co-creator of NgRx. The LiveLoveApp consists of Google Developers Experts in Angular and Web Technologies.

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Implement NgRx with Confidence
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