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Angular is a powerful tool for building web applications. It is used by companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix. We can help you build your next Angular app.

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Brian and Mike are Angular Google Developer Experts. The team at LiveLoveApp are experts in Angular and front-end development, have spoken at meetups and conferences around the world, and have provided development services to large enterprises (like Google) and startups.

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You Need Development Velocity

Angular enables enterprises to build at scale - LiveLoveApp makes that a reality.

In today's market environment, it is critical to reduce costs, minimize churn and toil, and increase productivity. This requires applications that are performant and reliable. Achieving both of these pursuits, no matter the frontend framework, is challenging

What you need most is an increase in development velocity -- without sacrificing scalability and reliability.

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Here is how we can help

LiveLoveApp has a team of Angular Google Developer Experts who have guided the development of Angular applications for enterprises that demand the highest level of expertise - from Fortune 100 companies like FedEx to FinTech startups like Mosaic.

We're here to help!

  • Schedule an introductory 30-minute meeting with LiveLoveApp to understand your application and your current architecture.
  • We start with an architecture review of your current Angular application.
  • We work alongside you and your team to implement strategies to reduce technical debt, improve testing, and accelerate your development velocity.

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