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AG Grid is the best JavaScript grid in the world. Get started with AG Grid with Expert-led AG Grid architecture and integration.

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AG Grid trusts LiveLoveApp to deliver AG Grid workshops worldwide at conferences.

You Have Questions

What about UX?

Let's define what you should expect from AG Grid.

Using a data grid should enable both beginners and power users tolocate, navigate, interpret, and editlarge data sets.

You're probably considering AG Grid because you need a data grid that provides your users with a familiar, spreadsheet-like experience.

AG Grid has lots of features out of the box that will enable you and your team to build a great user experience. Some of these features include:

  • Cell selection
  • Clipboard copy/paste
  • Cell editing

We have experience building modern user experiences using AG Grid that will best deliver your desired outcome.

Is AG Grid Performant?

Let's set the benchmark for performance with AG Grid.

LiveLoveApp has helped implement AG Grid for companies from startups who need to get to market fast to Fortune 500 organizations with huge datasets and enterprise requirements.

We know that performance matters, and we have the experience to build web applications with AG Grid that are performant - like 60fps fast.

There are two primary bottlenecks when it comes to performance. First, the DOM is slow. And, second, your backend may not be optimized for streaming large datasets. We can help you identify bottlenecks and architect software solutions to achieve the performance your users expect.

Scrolling performance is key - and achieving60 frames per second is the standard.

Can I extend AG Grid?

Not all implementations are the same - so extensibility is mandatory.

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AG Grid is highly extensible. When it comes to building out custom components and extending the functionality of AG Grid, we've done it all! We have helped customers extend AG Grid with:

  • Custom themes and interactions
  • Fast and usable cell renderers
  • Inline editing experiences that delight users

Let's talk! We would to talk through your specific implementation needs and answer any lingering questions you might have.

Testimonial from AG Grid's Founder

AG Grid trusts LiveLoveApp to deliver AG Grid workshops worldwide at conferences.

The team at LiveLoveApp are industry renowned experts in Enterprise JavaScript that I have come to know through their work. Their understanding of the technical details, mixed with their excellent teaching and coaching style is top notch.

- Niall Crosby, CEO & CTO at AG Grid

Success Stories

Let's share how we have provided value through AG Grid implementation support.

Implement AG Grid with Confidence
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