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Subscription Class


  • Calling Observable#subscribe() returns a Subscription
  • A Subscription lets you listen to next, error, and complete notifications from an observable
  • The Subscription object also enables you to unsubscribe from an observable

Creating a Subscription

We've already seen how to subscribe to an Observable:

  next: (value) => console.log(value),
  error: (err) => console.error(err),
  complete: () => console.log('Complete!'),

You can also subscribe without an object by using positional parameters:

  (value) => console.log(value),
  (err) => console.error(err),
  () => console.log('Complete!')

Joining Subscriptions

Calling subscribe returns a Subscription object:

const subscription = source$.subscribe();

You can add additional subscriptions to the same subscription object:

const subscription = first$.subscribe();


This can be useful for managing the subscription lifecycle of multiple observables

Subscription Class

You can create a Subscription object on your own by newing up the Subscription class:

const subscription = new Subscription();