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Angular Training

Angular is a framework from Google for building cross-platform applications. Our Angular training focus on ensuring that you and your team are building robust, scalable, testable, and maintainable application.

Angular Training


NgRx State Management Training

The NgRx Store library is the standard for state management in Angular applications where the complexity demands a robust redux-inspired solution. NgRx enables Angular developers to build reactive applications.

NgRx State Management Training


RxJS Training

Reactive function programming enables you to build application with managed control flow and asynchronous data. RxJS provides reactive extensions to JavaScript.

RxJS Training


We meet with you to determine what your training needs are.

Every single training course we provide is customized to you and your team's skill levels and objectives.



Our training is paced for your team, hands-on, and fun. We don't believe is cramming technology into brains.

Our process is simple:

I do

You'll learn through simple and clear explanations that break down the complexities.

We do

You'll learn through hands-on coding together.

You do

You'll learn through exercises that build your skills and knowledge incrementally



We're here for you.

Want to pair up? Need a quick answer to a question? Need expert advice on best practices?

Unlike most training offerings, we are not just learners and teachers, but practioners.



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