RxJS Fundamentals

Learn reactive functional programming with RxJS

Reactive functional programming requires a shift in your approach from procedural to functional using streams of data and events.

RxJS provides reactive extensions to JavaScript. At the core of RxJS is the observer pattern, which enables you to observe and react to the flow of control, data and events in your application. In this 1-day workshop you will learn the fundamentals of RxJS.


  • Observables

    • Leaving Promiseland
    • Arriving in Observableland
    • Creating an Observable
  • Subjects

    • The Subject
    • Variations of subjects: AsyncSubject, BehaviorSubject, and ReplaySubject
  • Unicast vs Multicast observables
  • Hot vs Cold observables
  • Subscriptions


The goals of the RxJS Fundamentals course are:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of the observer design pattern
  2. Create an observable and an observer
  3. Using subjects and understanding the difference between each subject implementation
  4. Understanding the difference between unicasting and multicasting observables
  5. Understanding the difference between hot and cold observables
  6. Subscribing to observables, and also unsubscribing


Students should be familiar with the following techologies:

  • JavaScript


Duration1 day


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