Advanced RxJS

Level up your RxJS skills

RxJS, which provides reactive extensions to JavaScript, is a core techno

At the core of RxJS is the observer pattern, which enables you to observe and react to the flow of control, data and events in your application. In this 1-day workshop you will learn the fundamentals of RxJS.


  • First order vs Higher-order operators

    • The map() operator
    • The concatMap() oprator
    • The mergeMap() operator
    • The switchMap() operator
  • State management with RxJS

    • Leveraging a Subject
    • Creating a pure function reducer
    • Building a simple store
    • Dispatching actions
  • Building custom operators

    • The logOperator()
    • The toCurrency()
  • The Scheduler API
  • Testing


The goals of the RxJS Fundamentals course are:

  1. Understand the basics of how operators work under the hood
  2. Distinguish between first-order and higher-order operators
  3. Building state management solutions with RxJS
  4. Developing custom operators that can be used with RxJS
  5. Understanding the Scheduler API and how we can use it to test observable streams


Students should be familiar with the following techologies:

  • JavaScript
  • RxJS Fundamentals


Duration1 day


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