Architecture Review

Get a pulse on your app, team, and organization

What's the health of your Angular application?

Find out today with an architectural review from a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies.




Great for a quick snapshot of a single application's health.

  • 20 point inspection
  • 4 hours (on-site or remote)
  • Full report within 48 hours
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For one medium-to-large application with a single engineering team.

  • 50 point inspection
  • 8 hours (on-site or remote)
  • Full report within 24 hours
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For one or more medium-to-large applications with multiple engineering teams.

  • 100+ point inspection
  • 32 hours (on-site or remote)
  • Full report within 24 hours
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LiveLoveApp's architecture review was invaluable to us. Brian quickly got up to speed on our product and found problems that were impacting our users and making it hard to scale. Afterwards, his report gave us a clear plan of attach that took our business needs into consideration. I highly recommend LiveLoveApp's services.

Andy, CEO, Saber Simulations

Working at a small development shop, we were eager to get another set of eyes on our Angular application with the hope of getting feedback on our overall application architecture and how well we were following the latest Angular best practices. This is exactly what we got with the free architecture review that LiveLoveApp offers. The one-on-one interactions with a Google Development Expert in Angular coupled with a detailed written report that provided prioritized short-term and long-term development suggestions is more than we could have expected or hoped for. There’s really no reason not to go through this exercise, and I’d almost guarantee your application will be in a better state after the review. I highly recommended it!

Chris, Software Architect, Pink Summit


We help leaders and engineering teams learn, understand, and follow best practices to achieve:

  • Accelerated development velocity
  • Fewer regressions
  • Increased code coverage using unit and end-to-end testing strategies
  • Happier engineers 😀
architecture reviews accelerate your development velocity


  • Long-term Sustainability
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Testability
architecture reviews provide long-term profitability

Review Your Code, Architecture, Deployment, and More

  • Language
  • Project Structure
  • Multi-project Structure
  • Routing
  • Data Flow
  • Change Detection
  • State Management
  • Observables and RxJS
  • DOM
  • Testing
  • Deployment to Production
architecture reviews cover not just code but best practices for your engineering team


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