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Get a pulse on your Angular with NgRx architecture.

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You and your team made the decision to use NgRx for state management. You built out the Store, started writing actions, reducers, and effects. But, is your architecture correct? Are you using good action hygiene? Are you writing performant selectors? What about testing?

Here's what you'll get:
  1. You schedule an introductory 30-minute meeting with Mike & Brian.
  2. We'll schedule a follow-up meeting with you and your team to understand your application and your current architecture.
  3. Then, we'll spend several hours going through your code with our 20+ point inspection.
  4. Next, we'll meet with you and your team to review our findings and go over our prioritized recommendations.
  5. Finally, a summary PDF with our findings and recommendations will be provided to you within a few days.
How do I convince my boss?

We're glad you asked! Here are the top 5 reasons you should tell your boss that you want our free 1/2-day review:

  1. Tell your boss how you want to take the lead on ensuring the long-term success of the team & organization, and it starts with getting a pulse on the health of your Angular with NgRx application architecture.
  2. Tell your boss that LiveLoveApp's free 1/2-day architecture review will only take a few hours of your time. This is just a fraction of the time you spend writing NgRx. Ensuring it's correct will provide a lot of value!
  3. Tell your boss that we'll provide them with a clear plan for success.
  4. Tell your boss that this is not a trick, or scam, or some bait-and-switch garbage. We love the Angular and NgRx community, and we want to help! Would we also like to come alongside you and your team and help out, provide workshops, and more? Of course! With that said, our free 1/2-day review is completely free, with no strings attached, and with no obligations.
  5. Tell your boss that we are the experts. Mike is the co-creator of NgRx, and both Mike and Brian are Google Developers Experts in Angular and Web Technologies.
Will I look bad?

Nah! This is about improvement, not about judgement. Our goal is to make you the hero!

Ok, I'm intrigued...

Great! Let' set up a time to chat, or send us an email at:

Schedule a call with Mike & Brian

With our free 1/2-day Free NgRx Architecture review you can have the co-creator of NgRx and Google Developer Experts Mike Ryan & Brian Love review your NgRx architecture.

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